FYI, Issue #013 — Honor This School – Please

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FYI, Issue #013 — Honor This School – Please
April 19, 2010
Hello Again –

Your Special Edition of FYI – April 19, 2010 Issue #013

It’s that time again.

Yearbooks, Prom, Graduation, etc.

And we’d like to honor your school’s special place by creating a whole new page on our website
devoted to just your school (or a special school you like).

And it’s easy.

Just send an email addressed to: [email protected] and tell us the name and location of the school you want us to honor.

Just think ! Your school spirit could be showing on the world wide web and we’ll create a special page – for Free – so everyone can see it.

School Colors! Mascot! Wall Art! Bulletin Boards! School Dances! Fundraising Events! Sports Competitions! Academic Achievements! Special Students! Special Teachers! Special Staff! And more…

All these things count in making every school special and we’d like to help you let everybody know about your school!

It all starts with your email.

Our goal is to share strategies for serving students… and we have prepared some school theme ideas to help you invest in their future.


Thank you, and until next time… FYI – Out !

Build School Spirit !
Education is a tollbooth on the road to success.

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