Graduation Tassel, Graduation Cap Tassels

Graduation Tassel

Graduation Tassel Side – Graceful Ornament
It is so emotionally moving to watch a student walking up the aisle with the graduation tassel gently swaying on the mortarboard.

The ornament is a decorative tassel that symbolizes success.

Graduation is probably the only place where this swinging ornament will ever be worn.

That makes it a particularly special symbol because you have to earn the right to wear it. And many still wonder which way do graduation cap tassels go ?

Students are demonstrating they have completed their studies successfully and this is an opportunity to show their pride and achievement.

Honoring The School And The Student | | Graduation Tassel Gold | Black

This ornament has been worn for hundreds of years. They are worn on the mortarboard cap on the right side before the diploma is granted.

After graduation, it is moved from hanging on the right to the left side.

It is strictly a symbolic gesture, but it can literally bring tears to the eyes of parents, friends and family.

It’s one sure way that expresses final completion of your program and the earning of your degree.

In addition to the mortarboard tassels, there are also honor cords. Honor cords are long cords with one or more tassels on the end. They are worn around the neck and indicate special student achievement.

Though graduation robes are usually rented, the tassels and honor cords are usually kept by students as a memento along with the graduation cap.

Graduating students have proven they are made of the right stuff.

Many display them in a tassel frame with a picture of the graduate or graduation ceremony.

The Right Stuff

Students at high schools and colleges use tassel colors to let the audience know which college program they completed or… to show school spirit in preparation for the graduation party.

  • Colors indicate field of study
  • Colors reflect high school colors
  • Colors may show a particular college within a university

There is a different color for each college. The business school graduate will wear a different tassel color than the engineering graduate.

The nursing school graduate’s tassel will be different than the school of agriculture.

Also, For high schools with more than one spirit color, multi-colored tassels can be purchased.

There are several different kinds of cord strands and tassels available.

  • Single honor cord
  • Tied honor cord
  • Tassels in different lengths
  • Deluxe tassels with multiple strands
  • Mini tassels for key chains and bookmarks for souvenirs
  • Solid or entwined strands and tassels
  • Double or triple combinations

Who would have believed there would be so many choices when deciding which graduation tassel to purchase?

Graduation Tassel – Swinging School Spirit

Schools usually decide which tassels will be the official tassels to be worn at the graduation ceremony. A graduation tassel should be uniform for the college or high school.

Besides color and strand type, your school must also decide if the tassel will have a button or a dated charm.

Typically, a tassel will have a charm with the last two numbers of the graduation year. Schools purchasing tassels for resale to students can find a list of options on the internet.

Most companies have a minimum quantity order size and they can also customize the tassels as necessary.

If your planning concerns high school, it’s often best to plan ahead before high school graduation theme celebrations really get going.

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