High School Theme Song

High School Theme Song

High School Theme Song – Raised Voices

There is a song that says music can touch your very soul and your theme song has that possibility.

A theme song is unifying music that can be used during almost any allowable school activity.

Your theme song can be sung at assemblies, sports events and even before certain academic programs.

Some older folks, even those in their 80’s can still sing their high school theme song if you ask them to.

And that’s because many different types of music can be enjoyed while listening to the intended message. Music is universal – every group, every school, every club has a theme. Just ask your school band members.

Bringing diverse groups of students together in a positive manner is just one of the functions of your theme song. Raised voices create a magical moment.

Just close your eyes and remember the last time you sung a school song with your friends. Ok, the choices are many depending upon your school rules and student choices but here’s a look at many of today’s popular song choices. The memories are poignant and nostalgic but also refreshing as you return to the days of glory.

There are students today who are in the process of making those same memories in their lives, and their high school days can leave an indelible memory mark.

High School Theme Song – Higher and Higher

Singing your school theme songs can inspire a lot of school spirit, but there are lots of other reasons to support a theme song throughout the school year.

    • Inspires interest in the arts including singing
    • Encourages student participation
    • Creates single focal point
    • Dramatizes school uniqueness
    • Brings attention to the school
    • Makes activity planning simpler

Your school theme song can be an instructional project teaching students about loyalty and dedication. It can also present important life values.

More often the theme song promotes your school in an interesting and unique fashion. Every school has its own history and unique accomplishments.

Students take pride in recognizing their special place in the community and these values can be shared in music themes, song and dance throughout the school year.

Theme songs are also often used as entertainment, changing from year to year in order to focus on recent awards, wins, special events and student inspirations.

While your staff and students can develop a HS theme song, it is often helpful to get ideas from online resources so readily available.

It may sound simple to write a unique theme song but shopping online reveals a myriad of theme songs sorted by topic or theme. A theme song wants to take students higher and higher.

High School Theme Song – High Expectations

Students have high expectations when they start high school. There are student rallies, club meetings, classroom projects, student gatherings, and above all, a new sense of identity.

The right theme song can add to the fun and memories of attempts to achieve all the expectations. Your theme song carries school spirit through the high school years and beyond.

Students have something in common from the moment they meet when they share their high school theme song. Is your HS theme song perfect for your student body ?

If not, all you have to do is start shopping !

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