Ideas for Theme

Ideas for Theme

Ideas for Theme Standards

Theme topics can involve a lot of different plans and many different subjects ranging from environmental issues to history and science.

They can be funny or sad or nostalgic or thought provoking. Theme for school programs usually center on a set group of standards.

These standards define the major focus of your school theme and determine the direction of themed activities. Themes can be taken very seriously as a learning tool that helps students think critically, promote learning enthusiasm and increase school identity.

Ideas for Theme – A Revolving Door

Learning is like a revolving door. Information is always entering and the mind lets some of it stay while the rest is sent back out the door.

Themes can assimlate learning experiences from all areas of study and incorporate them into a common purpose. This aids with retention of information and contributes to meaningful student real life experiences. Themes can serve so many purposes:

    • Consistent program design
    • Spirit building function
    • Effective fundraising
    • Increased program awareness
    • Community building
    • Cross discipline instruction


Ideas for your school theme can address one specific area though the most effective use of themes is as an umbrella program.

Themes can address all educational grade levels. They can also be adapted to your particular school situation whether it’s – local, public, rural, city, private, general, themed and so on.

Ideas for Themes – Performing Well

By using themes and observation metrics, students’ performance can be easily measured on many levels. For example, participation in a themed pep rally is an indication of voluntary socialization.

It is easy to think of theme topics as just being for entertainment purposes but they can serve a much more serious purpose too.

Theme topics for schools usually incorporate one of the following areas of interest.

      • The study of culture and cultural influences
      • The study of important people
      • The study of the environment and its relationship with people. Here’s a great example at greening the curriculum
      • The role of institutions such as civic organizations and churches
      • The role of government and history
      • The use of natural resources as concerned citizens
      • The role of science in our lives
      • The world and its peoples

Using each of the major categories it is easy to see how theme topics can be developed. Each theme can be adapted to any situation whether it is in the classroom or at a public school event.

The themes can be used to teach multiculturalism and global economies. Even light-hearted topics such as “We Are Stars” can encompass the role of a student in society and address issues of self-esteem.

Using creating theme topics offers an opportunity to present serious ideas in interesting ways that are appealing to all students. Themes can help your staff perform school spirit magic in most settings.

There is no problem finding appropriate themes that have been used with success in schools around the country.

There are even international themes that teach about the world at large. Ideas for theme topics are as unlimited as the stars in the sky – a theme about space by the way…. And school themes start the process.

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