Presentation Skills (It’s all about your delivery)

“Presentation Skills …”
it’s all about the delivery…

Effective presentation skills are always important.

And believe it or not… A personal presentation to staff members… and students is key to achieving total support for your school theme.

Let’s think about it…
…You know what drives school spirit…

And a skillful presentation of your school theme… can be a key element.

You know an invigorated staff and student response is very convincing…

So whether you apply presentation skills to your school theme… your school colors…? or how about your sports competitions…? or even your academic achievements…?

There’s no question about it…. Staff support is a key ingredient that motivates and inspires students.

And… knowing how to motivate students can be so important !

And… presentation skills will help convince your staff and your students… there’s something very worthwhile about promoting school spirit.

We’ve gone to great lengths to settle any debate… without any doubt it’s…

Total staff support that drives school spirit!…
And further investigation confirms… the preferred order of events… or flow… goes something like this…

Effective Presentation… of a winning school theme gains total staff support… and thus… your school spirit soars…

Your presentation skills can take many forms. You can provide a photo presentation that highlights all the winning features and benefits of school themes.

Or, you can simply decide an oral presentation is best… and put your best foot forward…describing all the benefits school themes provide…

And as a reminder… here are some of the school theme benefits


    • School themes are designed specifically to help promote School Spirit. And that’s one thing we can all use a little more of.


    • School themes also help to keep the entire staff motivated and positive throughout the school year.

* School themes develop positive attitudes and inspire students.

* School themes provide opportunities for individual recognition.

* School themes develop and foster healthy relationships among students.

* And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

* School themes also aid in building character, and generating excitement among students.

But perhaps one of the best ways to help envigorate your staff and students… is to provide an interactive presentation.

You’ll find creative ways to involve your audience in question and answer sessions through effective presentation techniques.

Remember… this is likely a friendly environment you’re presenting to. It’s your staff… it’s supporting teachers… and it’s inquisituve students.

Your effective presentation skills are performing “double duty” …

Your staff is observing and picking up presentation tips from you at the same time they’re learning of school theme benefits.

If you unite the staff and students, promote a positive environment and encourage school spirit… the students respond.

They are inspired and great potential shines through.

Here are some school theme ideas you will want to consider.

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