School Spirit Awards Reward Those who have Shown School Spirit

School Spirit Awards
What Are the Benefits?
School spirit awards help promote student participation in spirit activities.

Awards are part of what makes school exciting… and school spirit is what makes you go the extra mile.

Make a difference. Stay involved. Promote your school spirit theme and school awards will recognize all students’ involvement.
Spirit awards reward those who have consistently shown school spirit throughout the year.

Recipients of school awards include (but are not limited to)…

  • students
  • staff
  • school organizations/clubs
  • school sports teams
  • local businesses

Recognizing these individuals, and organizations for their accomplishments
also provides some lasting benefits.

The Benefits Of Making Spirit Awards

School Awards Reward Positive Behavior

Positive behavior is what school spirit is all about. It’s about making a difference in someone’s life, not because you have to…

But because you want to!

Whenever someone does a kind deed, or consistently shows school spirit… more than likely they are doing it from their heart. It’s just something that seems natural.
The last thing they usually expect is a reward for their positive behavior. This is why
spirit awards are so gratifying, yet unpredictable.

Spirit Awards Inspire Others

It’s always nice to see people who have set a standard for excellence. They are the ones who give us something to aim for.

They often go the extra mile, when others have given up. While K-12 school spirit awards recognize such individuals, they also provide inspiration for the entire student body.

Awards Boost School Spirit

Create a positive learning environment, while boosting school spirit activity. You might not see results right away, but as long as you remain consistent in your efforts…
good things are bound to happen.

Presenting School Spirit Awards

Social gatherings are an ideal opportunity for presenting school awards. You can hold your
award ceremony during half-time of a football game, during a spirit week pep rally, or in your school auditorium.

Finally, spirit awards will also motivate students and staff for the upcoming year.

Speaking of the upcoming year…

Here are some exciting school themes you will want to consider for the coming year.

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