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Your School Teacher…

A Great Big Heart and a Wide Smile Too!

Teacher day: is every day…

While the idea of a school teacher can strike fear into the hearts of many students…

Parents can usually treat them as solid gold partners who manage their child’s educational experiences.

School age children see their teacher as often, if not more often, than than they see their parents on a daily basis.

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The school teacher profession is a most honorable undertaking.

In today’s environment with both parents working full time in many homes, your teacher is often saddled with social responsibilities that go beyond “formal teaching.”

In fact, some would say teachers are raising children… not just educating them. So, the closer you work with your teacher, the more likely it is… you and your child will both benefit from the arrangement.

Building Your Relationship

An experienced school teacher will attempt to initiate relationships with students and parents. However, everyone’s schedule has demands that sometimes prevent timely responses, so parents…

Please don’t hesitate to take that first step to meet your child’s teacher. You can do this by visiting the classroom after hours, or by arranging a meeting with the teacher through the school’s main office.

Your children will love you for taking an interest in their education, their school teacher, their classroom desk, their homework assignments, their school friends, etc.

Remember… they spend a lot of time in this environment and are influenced by all the daily interactions. So please, help the teacher help your children.

The payback will be great and “anytime you can make someone feel good about themselves, they will exceed your greatest expectations.

At this meeting with the teacher, you’ll want to talk about concerns you may have concerning your child’s performance. There will likely be an exchange of assurances over problem management and expectations.

You’re not convincing the teacher that your child is unable to learn or to function, but rather to point out places or situations where the teacher might be able to guide your child.

You may also want to introduce your child’s strengths, weaknesses and interests…

This kind of information will help the teacher learn how to motivate and direct their attention.

Conferences and Meetings

When you’re looking to grow your relationship with your child’s school teacher, you might also want to make the most of conferences and meetings by bringing a list of your concerns.

This will allow you to keep track of what you want to cover as well as what the teacher says about your child’s progress.

High school teaching is an especially busy profession so make sure to be on time for these appointments so you don’t feel rushed in what you are trying to talk about.

You might also want to bring your spouse with you so you’re on the same page in terms of what’s happening with your child.

Even if you don’t have any troubles with the teacher or your student, these steps will make communication all the easier for the both of you.

You want to have an open dialogue with your child’s teacher because it will help ensure that problems that do come up are dealt with quickly.

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