School Theme Winners (benefits, purpose and strategies)

“Only School Theme Winners”
…. may compete !

School Theme winners are those that inspire… motivate, and… excite staff and students.

WOW – what a way to manage school spirit !

Let’s describe a theme selection process anyone can follow. Yes, it’s sometimes a lot of work
for students and staff, but… when you’re picking … only school theme winners survive and school spirit zooms.

Of course you can also choose from our school spirit themes. They all still invite your unique creativity… but we’ve done all the pre-selection work.

OK – back to the process…

School themes may reign for an entire year at many schools…

The competition is keen… teachers supported by students and other staff prepare their best
school spirit theme ideas in the form of skits.

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The stage is set…

are on display – costumes, makeup, music and dance are ready too…

Every school theme winner idea has its unique features and of course its own acronym…

And the drum role begins…

Skit number one competes for the honor of promoting school spirit, inspiring kids, motivating
staff… and creating a positive learning environment.

And don’t miss the before and after photos

OK, the lights dim, the applause subsides, the laughter simmers and skit number two sets up.

Anxiously we all await the next production… and as we do, we note that our peers… yes, our
fellow teachers and staff members are busy evaluating our efforts.

It’s true… we evaluate each others work creating new school spirit theme ideas… the one with the most votes
WINS. Sometimes there’s a tie! And sometimes there are so many excellent submissions
we select the best two and cast a re-vote.

As we’ve already said… our school spirit themes are all about the kids. Whether it’s kindergarten, pre-school, grade school, elementary school, middle school, junior high school or high school…

If we unite staff and students, promote a positive environment and encourage
school spirit… the students respond. They are inspired and better things happen.

Here’s a review of the benefits, purpose and strategies a school theme provides.

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