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School yearbook themes are a great tradition. Choosing a theme is an important decision, because the yearbook reflects the uniqueness of a class.

There are so many different events and emotions and friendships to be recorded perhaps as high school yearbook quotes.

There are school activities, special projects, sports events and student clubs. There is also commencement – an ending and a beginning for all graduates.

Yearbook themes have a big job to do – They capture the emotions behind your school activities. A yearbook is a book of recorded memories. When you open a yearbook years later, the theme triggers the feelings you had during the days your yearbook is recording.

It’s important that yearbook themes be chosen carefully because of the big role they play in enhancing the “memorable” school experience. The first two goals of school yearbook themes are:

  • Thoroughly capture the unique qualities of a particular school year



  • Be applicable to the information in the yearbook


A yearbook is so much more than a picture album or just a school memory book. It is a book that records how students spent their time in school. It is a memory book of friendship, mentors, opportunities and future dreams.

Yearbook themes must be effective in accurately representing the school culture and tradition. They must “show off” the school year and present in special ways, the many students who contribute to the character of your school.

School Yearbook Themes – Showing Up



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Every year, graduating students hope to ‘show up’ the previous years’ graduates with new and exciting ideas for the yearbook. Deciding which yearbook themes will work best is not an easy decision.

Almost all schools create a yearbook committee that narrows the field of choice and makes recommendations. Your school themes must be workable in the sense that the themes should fit the limitations of the cover and endsheet pages, can be applied to the various sections of the yearbook and creates consistency in content.

That’s why many schools utilize the services of professional theme designers who can help with the choice of yearbook themes.

School Yearbook Themes – Professional Help

Picking yearbook themes is merely the first step in the long process of producing the actual yearbook. It’s easy to overlook something. Choosing a theme that has been carefully created to promote student activities will help insure the yearbook achieves its purpose.

You can find many yearbook themes online that are new and innovative. But for the traditionalist, there are also many themes that have been popular for years. Often, a theme can be expanded or changed to accommodate the particular desires of your school committee.
Students anxiously wait for their yearbook to be printed. It is such a thrill for a graduating senior to see his or her high school yearbook picture in the book. It caps a remarkable achievement.

It is only fitting that yearbook themes reflect the student body character. But ideas must also be practical. You should choose a theme that fits within your allotted budget. The theme in the yearbook is normally used in other school areas such as the prom and pep rallies.

Yearbook themes are important and care should be given to their selection. A yearbook is a once in a lifetime event. School themes should reflect that importance.



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