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    Please use any of these ICONS (pencil graphics) to link to us. Remember, to save an image to your local machine, just right click on it with a Windows-based machine and choose “save image as” from the pop-up menu. With a Macintosh, click and hold your mouse pointer over the image, and choose the same thing from the pop-up menu.

    We have various choices of size to suit your needs.

    Everyone’s website is arranged differently so pick the graphic size that best fits your style.

    Alternatively here’s a “catchy” link example you can copy and paste on your website…

    “(Whoops ! Our School Spirit is Showing..) And Everybody Can See It !”

    Here’s the code to copy and paste to your website !

    The key is… you’ll want your website visitors to notice the graphic so they can go check out your school spirit.

    Now hear this…

    Our School spirit is showing and it’s worth a

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