Student Newspapers

Student Newspapers

Private Journals

Student newspapers are an integral part of the educational experience.

A lot of school memories fade over the years, but who can forget the joy of picking up school newspapers and seeing your winning team on the cover.

Or what about turning the pages and reading how your best friend won the debate?

And every school newspaper supported your School Spirit!

Of course, school newspapers were almost like private journals. They recorded all the spirit events, plays, school concerts, field trips, building additions, school themes, teacher retirements and new classes added to name a few features.

These traditions continue all the way through college. Today, school newspapers are going strong and they have proved their adaptability in an increasingly technological world.

Journalistic Journeys

School newspapers are frequently made part of the school curriculum. There is either a newspaper student group responsible for publishing the paper, or a journalism class using student newspapers as a class project.

Either way credit is given for the newspaper production.

Using newspapers as a student project gives students hands-on journalism, editing and printing experience. It is also real world experience applying First Amendment rights.

It is not unusual to see articles concerning the rights of student free expression and administrative concerns over material published.

In the school news environment, newspapers teach more about student journalism than any textbook could possibly offer.

Newspapers are run by students who report school news and give students an opportunity to give each other recognition. It’s kind of a news club apprenticeship.

A Voice In The Wilderness

School newspapers give students a voice, a chance to express what they are thinking about current events, school happenings and each other. Parents often complain that their children don’t share their thoughts. School newspapers do just that – share thoughts.

Producing student newspapers requires familiarity with the entire process from building staff to printing and distributing the final product. Students learn how to:

  • Write APA style like a journalist
  • Edit submissions
  • Design layout
  • Add photos
  • Sell advertising
  • Run classified ads
  • Manage a production budget
  • Print the final paper
  • Deliver the paper to designated locations
  • Create an online newspaper

Some schools have gone to strictly online publishing to save money. Students are computer literate. They have no problem using the internet for everyday purposes. Some schools have chosen to continue publishing printed newspapers using software for design and layout.

This way students gets a real understanding of the journalism process such as would be experienced at a newspaper office.

Whatever direction your school chooses, there is online assistance for every step of the way.

Peer Learning

School newspapers are all about education. At both the high school and college levels, they teach much more than just journalism. They teach marketing, management, project planning, effective communication, competition, polling and interviewing.

If online resources are used, production of student newspapers offers experience in graphics design and computer publishing tools – in other words how to use technology for project streamlining and cost reduction.

These are all valuable lessons. But participating in creating school newspapers offers one more benefit – peer learning.

Working with fellow students, the newspaper staff learns from each other. Unlike many opportunities in this world, there are no negatives to producing school newspapers.

Get online and use the internet. There is endless opportunity to find ways to make student newspapers award winning projects.

And here are some more fun activities for kids ideas.

That award certificate will look very nice in your memory book – right next to copies of student newspapers you helped create.

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