Student Summer Jobs – High School, Undergraduate and Graduate students qualify.

Student Summer Jobs

Will Work For Money

Some view student summer jobs as just a way to stay busy in between school years.

But summer jobs can be very important to any student’s success.

Jobs may be just time-fillers for a few students, but most need the money for a number of reasons.

Finding a job that only lasts for 3 months or less and pays a decent wage can be a challenge.

Fortunately, the Web offers a way to find those companies that seek student employees. Student Jobs enables special searches by location for many different kinds of jobs.

Earning A Student Living

Students will one day have to put their school themes and school spirit activities behind them and join the workforce full-time.

Hopefully their employment will be in the career field of choice. Getting to that point however, may require going to technical school or college.

And if you’re ready to put that hard earned education to use? Whether you are a high school student, in your freshman year in college, working on your doctorate, or somewhere in between, various student employment programs and career development programs guarantee valuable paid and non-paid work experience.

In the meantime, there are expenses to cover.

Many students must pay for their own gas, auto insurance, entertainment expenses and even some clothes. Many use summer jobs to earn money for college.

Even if you are fortunate enough to get financial aid, it will not cover all the costs. One college textbook alone can cost $200!

Student jobs are serious business. The benefits of working a summer job extend far beyond the monetary reward.

  • Enable job training skills
  • Provide job experience
  • Teaches resume writing
  • Offers interviewing practice
  • Allow application completion experience
  • Can give students the opportunity to experience a job in their field of interest

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There is no replacement for real work experience. It builds self-confidence, affirms self-worth and proves competence. It also builds character.

Schools now offer classes in character education, but holding a job for months teaches many of the qualities discussed in the classes. Being timely, reliable, thorough and honest is all part of character.

Nontraditional Work

Student summer jobs do not have to be the typical by-the-hour job.

Though many summer jobs are in the retail and restaurant businesses, there are many other opportunities for student employment, such as copywriter

And many student jobs, done well, can become more than summer work only opportunities.

  • Federal government jobs
  • Internships
  • Sales
  • Internships abroad
  • Jobs for teens only
  • Volunteer jobs for job experience only
  • Office jobs
  • Hotel jobs

The list goes on and on. Finding the right student work is a matter of planning ahead and doing the research. There are many ways to uncover student summer jobs.

  • Newspaper classified ads
  • College bulletin boards
  • Online job sites
  • Personal contacts
  • Temp agencies – local and online
  • Inquiry letters to companies of interest
  • Library job postings
  • School career specialist

The key is that most students must search for a student job because the job will not fall into their lap. Students must learn to sell themselves through effective presentation.

It is wonderful practice for the day… job hunting becomes a career search.

Searching for student summer jobs requires planning long before summer gets here. Having a job lined up before the end of the school year makes the whole process much more rewarding.

After all, there are only 2 to 3 months of employment in student summer jobs.

If you want the experience and the money, the job needs to start as soon as school ends. But if not, here are some more fun activities for kids ideas.

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