Sunday School Themes

Sunday School Themes

Sunday School Themes – Educating 130 Years Later

Church themes are not a new idea. They have been used since 1870 when special religious instruction was begun for poor children who worked in factories six days a week.

But what appealed to young audiences 130 years ago would probably hold no interest for today’s sophisticated children.

Sunday school themes have to take on a new life in order to keep interest while delivering the message.

That is easier said than done. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to add excitement to a Sunday school lesson or class through themes directed toward various age groups.

  • Early lesson themes designed to appeal to the very young
  • Interactive themed activities
  • Age appropriate themes designed around each lesson
  • Themed crafts that relate concepts
  • Visuals that support lesson themes

Themes reinforce information delivered in the classroom or bible school. The lessons and morals in Biblical stories can be difficult to convey to young children.

Many stories are best understood in a historical context and in relationship to current life events. But children often do have the mental capacity to connect very different time periods in a way that makes the story relevant. Your “Sunday” themes can accomplish this task in an interesting and fun way.

  • Themes that include interrelated music, stories and pictures
  • Holiday themes that teach the history behind the event
  • Children’s stories relating important behavioral lessons
  • Classic stories of great Biblical feats

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Sunday themes can cover any story or message in the Bible and any religious concept. There are themes that center on the Beatitudes, the Ten Commandments, Creation, the Golden Rule, Thanksgiving and many others.

Themes can also be particularly useful for instructing a multicultural mix of students.

Sunday School Themes – Nurturing Faith

One hundred and thirty years later, nurturing faith at Sunday school remains an important activity for ministries. And themes are used to deliver a nurturing message of faith.

They can provide context for understanding how to apply faith in a complicated world. These are deep issues that children are not usually capable of understanding except on their most basic level.

Themes can help make the task much easier. Everything related to the chosen topic can refer to a central theme for clarification.

Importantly, themes are not limited to being useful for only young children. “Sunday” themes can be just as important for high school age children and adults. They help provide focus and a central base for discussion.

In addition, Sunday school-themes help the ministry attract new people as the strengths of their programs can be conveyed in appealing ways.

Sunday school is a way to foster community interaction and support. Themes make it easier for people to relate. A well thought out theme engages the interest of a wide variety of community members.

Sunday school-themes are a great way to organize lesson material. There are many theme ideas on the internet and it’s worthwhile to investigate the different approaches that have been successful.

Don’t be afraid to test new ideas. No need to keep doing your Sunday school theme or bible school themes the same way week after week. Add some creativity, attract new members, and have some fun with Sunday school themes.

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