Themes for Preschools

Themes for Preschools

Themes for Preschools – Apples to Zebras Themes for preschools often introduce important topics through interesting symbolism. It’s all about gaining their attention.

Children like bright colors, happy pictures and stimulating projects.

Teachers must find ways to bring all these factors together in a way that captivates the attention of very young children.

Anyone who has been around preschoolers knows that keeping them focused on anything for very long can be difficult, if not impossible.

We all know a child’s mind needs constant stimulation. Using a preschool theme can provide just the method for making class fun, yet informative.

Kids themes for pre-schools can involve a lot more than just learning the alphabet.

Themes can be used to integrate lots of new information that will be introduced to preschoolers before they go on to first grade.

Important skills for future success can begin in preschool. How and why to pay attention to the teacher and others is one of those early and necessary skills.

With preschool themes all relevant activities can be tied together in such a way that your children remain engaged and interested.

Messages are easier to learn and can be reinforced through repetition.

Remember, it takes energy and interesting ideas to keep their attention at this age!

Lesson plans that utilize a common theme Prepare name tags with theme pictures to teach children how to spell their names

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Activities that teach students classroom routines

Themed projects that promote social interaction

Charts and pictures related to themes for preschoolers

Games that are related to the theme to develop motor and cognitive skills

Stories that use the theme as the main focus

Themed classroom decorations to stimulate questions

Teachers are limited only by their own imagination when it comes to the application of themes. Find those with creative souls and “turn’em lose.”

Teachers can use named shirts with theme pictures… gift bags for parents to help relieve their worries about leaving their children at school… themed poems dedicated to each child…

And pictures with kids wearing a simple themed costume they make in class. Themes can teach about friendship, counting, good behaviors, hygiene and family relationships too.

Themes for Preschools – Catering to the Babies

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Have preschoolers become younger and younger? At one time the term ‘preschool’ indicated the year just before the first grade or in some locations, kindergarten.

Now preschool can include several years of instruction before attending elementary school. Preschooler themes are the perfect way to teach children who are not babies, but not much past the infant stage.

Themes for pre-schools can be used on musical songs, puppets, toys, flannel boards, and booklets. Projects and activities are geared towards three primary groups of students.

Infants who learn by playing

Toddlers who are learning language skills

Preschool age children who are focusing on pre-elementary school reading and arithmetic

Preschool themes can also teach alphabet and phonics, science, singing, drawing and printing. Children are like little sponges soaking up whatever they are introduced to.

Themes for Preschoolers – Growing Up

Preschoolers today are a lot savvier then children were even 10 years ago. They enjoy school and look forward to the time spent with friends. Themes for pre-schools help teachers make sure the time away from home and family is spent wisely.

Themes should focus on the day’s activities and provide a recognizable comfort zone for young children. Themes for preschools give students something tangible and fun that they can easily embrace.

And school themes start the process.
It is exciting for Mom or Dad to listen to their toddler tell about the “talking apple” or “singing gingerbread man” and what they learned from these characters each day.


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