Educational Games

Educational Games

Fight Fire With Fire

No one said that education has to be boring, and educational games are one way to make sure it’s not.

Children learn important skills at a very young age. And college kids enjoy games too.

Older children have become adjusted to high-speed electronic games they can carry anywhere.

This presents challenges in material presentation for teachers. How do you keep the attention of students who are used to being entertained visually?

And how do parents keep children interested in homework when they are being lured away by the call of kid computer games?
The perfect solution is games that teach and entertain at the same time! And we’ll just call these fun learning games or maybe kid learning games.

Bored Games (pun intended)

It is almost impossible to learn when you are bored. That’s why Einstein almost dropped out of college – he was so far advanced above the class intellectually that he could not stay focused in school. Or in other words, he was bored, probably because they didn’t have kid math games yet.

The result was bad grades and the appearance that he was incapable of doing the work. Everyone in school needs to stay intellectually challenged.

There are many reasons to use learning games in school and at home.

There are thousands of Educational Games available on the internet. Shop by subject or special need or age group.

  • Prevents boredom
  • Presents difficult material in an easy-to-learn manner
  • Teaches multiple skills at once
  • Offers sensory stimulation
  • Develops cognitive skills
  • Encourages competition in a friendly manner

Competing with sound byte information, computer skill games and electronic gadgetry is not easy. Education games can make the task a lot easier so students do not get bored with learning.

Military Strategy

Educational or learning games improve deductive reasoning and logical strategy. Those words make the games sound like a military manual, but these are important intellectual skills.

These types of thinking skills are used in all four subjects: math, science, social studies and English. There is a wide variety of games to choose among.

  • Phonics games
  • Math skills games
  • Language skills games
  • Story telling exercises
  • Virtual math games
  • Puzzles
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) games
  • Video games
  • Geography games
  • Science facts games
  • General knowledge games

There are games for every purpose, every subject and every grade level. There are even college level educational games, because the skill learned in the lower grades are what make college success possible. Reinforcing those skills is never be a bad idea.

Besides, everyone likes to have fun. Games not only instruct, they encourage group participation.

It’s Your Turn

Most of us have areas where we had difficulty in school. It could have been any subject – math or science or any of the other subjects and subgroups.

Some children have special learning needs and must be taught in an untraditional manner.

Educational games can address any issue facing a teacher or parent. There are games that are geared towards particular subjects, but there are also games that make learning fun for children with learning disabilities.

Often, inclusion in a game can make the difference between social ostracism and being accepted as just “one of the gang”.

Educational or learning games can also level the playing field. In other words, games used in the classroom give all students a chance to show their knowledge and teachers can better assess the effort being exerted to learn.

Teaching is a complicated profession.

Educational games make the job easier. At home, parents can play educational games with children and the students don’t even realize they are doing homework!

By the way – education can be one of the fun activities for kids and it’s your turn!

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