Middle School Dance Themes

Middle School Dance Themes

Middle School Dance Themes – Socially Acceptable

Which middle school dance themes are appropriate for your school?

Or maybe a better way to ask… are we ensuring the right activity environment is provided for our school dances?

Children who are at the age when they begin to become involved in more formal social activities, need direction.

School dances perform a much larger purpose than just providing an opportunity to dance.

School dances and kids activities also offer opportunities to teach appropriate social behaviors while building school support.

Middle-school dance themes should suggest an appropriate atmosphere for students on the verge of young adulthood. What they learn now may influence their behavior and success in high school and beyond.

Themes are important tools for creating real life examples of social circumstances your students will face in later years. It is an early and important learning experience.

Middle School Dance Themes – A Safe Party

People of all ages love to dance. It may be difficult for some of us to accept but it doesn’t really matter if you aren’t a good dancer. As adults, we supposedly have the emotional maturity to to deal with this fact.

But children have to go through the paces and school dance themes can help pave the way. Not being “good” can mean a lot more at the middle school age eventhough…

Most everything at that age contains a fair amount of awkwardness. Kids can be all elbows and knees and more prone to trip over their own feet.

Themes can be used to create an environment making dance participants feel welcome and comfortable. They help remove many imaginary fears children develop at the thought of public exposure.

This is also the age when hormone development escalates and learning to appropriately mix with fellow students is important. Middle-school dance themes can help:

  • Tie social interaction to the school theme
  • Calm nervous feelings
  • Encourage interest in singing and dancing
  • Encourage student participation in the event
  • Assist with preventing social dysfunction
  • Create a pleasant atmosphere that students can embrace and enjoy without fear
  • Encourage creative movement
  • Expose students to appropriate dance themes

School dances provide a controlled environment where students can begin to experiment safely with social mixing.

Middle School Dance Themes – Learning Etiquette

Though you don’t hear the word as much anymore, etiquette is alive and well. If in doubt, commit a faux pas at a social event and see who starts talking.

It is important that children learn the “right way” to act in public. Everyone has experienced the embarrassment of watching a child in public acting poorly or overwhelmed with insecurity.

Through school dance themes you can introduce social mores and the development of adolescent social skills. Depending upon your available talent, you can even introduce students to various styles of dance.

Themes can affect music choices and the dancing itself. Middle-school dance themes can also be used for:

  • Parent and child dances that promote family activities
  • Fundraising dances
  • Special event dances such as end-of-year celebrations
  • Dance classes
  • Dance contests

Middle school dance themes can accommodate some imaginative titles such as… “under the sea, swing theme, rock-and-roll or the 70’s”.

Many middle school dances are held in the afternoon and students attend at the end of the formal school day. Dances are really an educational tradition that promise fun and excitement for kids.

Let the school dance themes music begin!

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