A School Spirit Gift Can Be Perfect

Looking For A School Spirit Gift?

Here Are Some Handy Tips

What’s So Special About School Spirit Gifts?

A school spirit gift is special because it carries a high sentimental value.

It may be simple or it may be elaborate… it may even be a little quirky. (And that’s okay)

What makes a school-spirit gift unique is that it always depicts school spirit.
Apart from the learning aspect, school is also a very memorable experience.

Your spirit gift
can be used to reflect memorable experiences or events that happened during the school year.

Your gift could also be based on a school spirit theme… just remember to select gifts
that bring joy to their recipients.

A School Spirit Gift Could Be….

  1. Framed school-spirit poster (motivational quotes, or sayings)
  2. Plaques – are a great way to show recognition for personal accomplishments
  3. School-spirit clothing – what better way to show school spirit…than to wear it!
  4. A personalized shirt – signed by friends, makes a gift that will be cherished for years to come.
  5. School sports merchandise – The perfect gift for the sports fan, who enjoys showing school spirit.
  6. Customized jewelry – School signet rings, pendants, etc are unique, eye-catching, and will last a long time.

These are just a few ideas you should consider… just remember to pick something
that your gift recipient will cherish and enjoy.

Finding The Perfect School Spirit Gift

Where can you find your school-spirit gift?

The three most popular sources for purchasing school spirit merchandise are…

  • school store
  • online merchants
  • local gift shops

Things to keep in mind while choosing your gift

  • Satisfaction – will your recipient “really” enjoy this gift?
  • Price – is it affordable? Shop around and compare prices to get the best deal.
  • Comfort – this applies mostly to school spirit clothing gifts. Make sure you get the right size, and the type of material (cotton, polyester, etc) that would bring your recipient the greatest comfort.
  • Refund Policy – Just in case your school-spirit gift has to be returned for any particular reason

And most importantly… does your gift display school spirit?

Presenting Your School-Spirit Gift

So now that you’ve chosen your school-spirit gift, it’s time to present it.
Your gift should come as a surprise. The most popular times for exchanging school-spirit gifts is near the end of the school year.

Assemblies, sporting events, and other social gatherings are ideal for gift presentation.

One Final Thing on School-Spirit Gifts

Your spirit gift should enhance the recipients’ life in some way.

Linking your school-spirit gift to an experience will certainly increase it’s sentimental value.

School spirit activities, sporting and social events like school spirit week are perfect examples of memorable experiences. Use these experiences as a source of inspiration in your student gift selection.

Give gifts greater impact with customized wraps, and handmade cards.
It may sound a little old fashion but…

When it comes to a spirit gift, a personal touch goes a long way!

School themes can be a great source of inspiration for school spirit gifts.
Here are some themes you will want to consider.

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