Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance

No Guarantees

Student health insurance can be thought of as a contingency plan.

Everyone can enjoy good health, but as we all know – there are no guarantees.

You can be at the top of your game one minute… and the next an unexpected event or accident can result in a serious medical casualty.

Sickness, injuries and accidents always seem to happen when we least expect it and are unprepared.

The cost of medical and dental care is high and rising all the time.

Health care coverage discussions are often in the news.

A student injury requiring hospitalization or surgery can create havoc with a family budget. Every family desires full health care coverage and today there are many options for health insurance.

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It is a tragic reality that some people need medical care and cannot afford it. There are instances when an athlete sustains a serious injury that plagues her the rest of her life.

And… times when a traveling college student becomes ill overseas and cannot afford to get the best care.

Unfortunately all these are scenarios that can happen every day. The truth is that students from pre-school through college require health insurance. Life is too fragile, and our students too impoprtant, to risk sickness or injury and be caught unprepared for the potential medical expenses.

Student health insurance falls into three major categories.

  • Student short term health insurance for college student
  • Students traveling internationally
  • Athletic team insurance

Short-term student health insurance or temporary health insurance as it’s sometimes called, is for students who cannot remain on their parent’s health insurance policy once they graduate high school. The policies usually last no more than 6 months and are renewable for up to 6-month terms.

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Students traveling internationally are subject to greater risk of catching viruses or getting sick from unknown bacteria.

This may happen simply because our immune systems are adapted to where we live. Going overseas to visit foreign countries is a tremendously valuable learning experience. But… it may also mean being exposed to illnesses that student’s immune systems are not prepared to fight.

Additionally, international or traveling students are a long way from home and they cannot easily access their family physicians advise when help is needed. Many colleges require international students to be covered by health insurance.

Our athletic teams are exposed to two major potential health related hazards: 1) injury on the road due to car or bus accidents when traveling between events, and 2) injury incurred while actually participating in the sport.

Athletic student health coverage is somewhat limited and normally covers very specific conditions that occur while in-school or representing your school.

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Health insurance is also a public concern. Children who are not adequately covered by health insurance are at higher risk of experiencing infectious diseases or not obtaining required check-ups and general health care when it is most needed.

Most schools have addressed the health care issue in elementary and high school by offering voluntary student health insurance that provides limited health and dental coverage.

Many school student insurance plans offer group rates and your school nurse’s office is typically the right place to begin discussions about coverage options and costs.

Most college campuses have student health centers and also offer opportunities to purchase inexpensive student health insurance.

Group insurance plan options are usually available but it is important for all students to understand the personal health care coverage they may already have from their parent’s health plan.

Many parental plans often impose student age limits or other coverage restrictions such as dependency status. So, be sure to be knowledgeable about all available options when shopping for insurance coverage online or through your school plan.

None of us should be without adequate health care. Student health insurance is a step in the right direction and when school’s over… thorough investigation of your employer’s plan is the next step.

At greatly discounted rates, insurance is available to most every student. The added benefit is that once they finish school, the insurance can be rolled into an ongoing policy if desired.

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