Student Planners

Student Planners

Student Planners – Now When Is That Assignment Due?

At some point, we have all asked this question:

“Now when is that due?” -student planners can answer the question simply and easily.

If you could take a peak inside backpacks or children’s rooms at home, you would probably find homework directions, student schedule and assignment information in the oddest places.

They get left on the couch, stuffed in pockets, forgotten on the floor and dropped in the car.

The cry of children everywhere is, “Mom, I have a school spirit project due tomorrow, and I can’t find the assignment!”

A Planner can help solve your student’s organizational issues and Mom’s problems too.

Student Planners – Life By Stickies

Don’t you sometimes wonder how we ever lived without little yellow pieces of paper with removable glue on the back – frequently called stickies?

You can find notes stuck on the refrigerator, hanging on the computer monitor, stuck inside notebook covers and jammed into pockets.

They work very well until you get so many you start sticking one on top of the other, or they fall on the floor.

Sometimes they just get accidentally thrown away. Sound familiar? They’re substitutes for the homework book we might expect students to maintain.

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Wouldn’t it be much better to have all the information, homework assignments, project due dates and important occasions written in one location? Kind of a school calendar concept.

Planners can do just that – organize a whole school year in one place.

Planners are notebooks specially designed to accommodate all your school year activities. With space to log all important school dates and school theme items for a full year.

They help develop good organizational skills too.

A lot of precious time can be wasted looking for lost assignments. Planners save time – student time, parent time and teacher time. They enable everyone to stay on top of homework due dates.

Planners are much more than a calendar though.

  • Offer tips for productive study time
  • Special sections for recording test dates
  • Removable or fixed sheets, depending upon age of student and school procedures
  • Check-off spots for parents and teachers
  • Facilitates school themes and other project planning
  • Able to record study reminders for upcoming tests or quizzes

Planners are available for any grade and any age. Their usefulness doesn’t stop in high school either. They are ideal for college students who must learn to balance their lives without Mom.

The busier the student, the more critical the need for planners can be.

Student Planners – Due Tomorrow

The words “due tomorrow” have put fear in many a parent’s heart. With school planners, the teacher can insure your student logs important dates. The information is then available in one location for parent review.

No more searching for stickies in the garbage can! Student planners take the fear out of tomorrow’s due date. They offer many other helpful tools also.

  • Log useful internet sites for study or organizational purposes
  • A way to log achievements throughout the year
  • Grammar guides
  • Maps
  • Class names and phone numbers

The list goes on and on. Carried in a backpack, the planners are easy to transport from school to home. Flat and convenient, they are easily carried with books throughout the day.

Planners are easy to use and bring peace of mind. So get rid of the stickies!

You can live life without little yellow pieces of paper. Student planners are the key to success.

And here are some more fun activities for kids ideas.

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