Themes for School Dances

Themes for School Dances

Themes for School Dances – Framework for Planning

Themes for school dances accomplish a lot more than dictating the color of streamers or the kinds of hanging ceiling decorations.

Themes are a way to create a positive atmosphere for planning. If you put blank paper in front of someone anything can happen.

But if you put an idea in front of that same person and ask them to expand on it, the framework has been established and exciting things can happen.

Themes help you integrate important concepts into normal school activities. And… your dance themes can send inspirational messages while promoting school spirit.

Themes for your school dance can also introduce actual life lessons in a fun manner… in ways that students remain involved in learning, while not always realizing it.

Themes for School Dances – Integrating Concepts

Every year, most schools focus on new, important central principles. Around those designated principles, school activities are generated. School dances can be one of the more popular events initiated.

Dances provide a chance for young boys and girls to begin learning how to mix with the opposite sex. It’s also an opportunity to practice social skills such as eating in public, politely asking for a dance and mingling with others you may not know very well. These are common events at most high school dances.

Themes for many school dances can offer the perfect opportunity to target specific social goals and introduce students to them in fun, friendly ways.

What an easy way to learn!

Picking the best theme ideas for your school dances means understanding:

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Your school’s culture and the interests of attending students

The relationship between your theme and the prom, casual gathering, or athletic event being promoted

The major principle being reinforced

School dances are very much about your community. Everyone related to your school… teachers, administrators, parents, students, even alumni, can be involved.

Many times your community members receive invitations to support fundraising events and to recognize special academic or athletic achievements.

Public recognition is important !

Theme dances can demonstrate to the community that your school is thoughtful in its approach to student success, cultural choice, healthy lifestyle, military service, or just giving back through public service.

Sometimes, though, we must admit a dance is held just to have some extra fun. Not everything connected to school has to be solemn and dead pan serious. There’s lot’s of other time for vigorous, thoughtful, stern, unamusing and strictly business like educataion.

So let your dance themes adopt an attitude of fun and charity. Provide a little humor, give some accolades where due, and round up a little extra creativity to ensure these memories don’t fade too quickly.

Themes for School Dances – Enjoying Life!

Themes for school parties and dances can focus on just about any topic you may think of. Find something interesting, different or unique about your school. Then pick your theme team and let their creativity commence.

Watch your school spirit soar !

Your theme choice will be related to some purpose, goal or desired outcome… but just remember the bottom line. Dances are also about teaching kids how to enjoy themselves in designed social settings

So look for great school dance themes and remember to let learning be enjoyable.

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