School Spirit Shirt

Your School Spirit Shirt…

A Message of Pride Right Up Front !

Custom Design or personal design ?
Your school spirit shirt – It’s a natural choice.

Wear your school pride – Show it off.

The message can be as clear as you want. You can design your own shirts to make any acceptable statement.

It’s not only students showing their pride this way. Faculty, administration, family and the community, all enjoy showing off their school spirit.

What better way to root for the home team ? You pick the desired style of your shirt, the color, add your school logo… then devise your slogan, cheer or favorite message.

Slip it on… whether it’s a T-shirt, sweatshirt or something in-between. You’ve made the statement… so stand tall, and show your school shirt pride. You only go down this path once. So have some fun.

We’ve scoured the landscape and if you don’t have a local shirt shop to frequent, here’s a
great online school shirt resource.

Wearing Your Own Kind of Pride

What’s great about a spirit shirt is that you don’t have to go to a school spirit store to get one. You can purchase a plain t-shirt and simply paint or write your message on it. You might want to look for a stencil to make your paint designs or writing a little more crisp.

Many teams like to make their own spirit shirts in order to craft something that is unique to their particular group or activity. For example, perhaps the cheerleaders want to create a cheer oriented shirt along with the mascot or the colors of your school.

If the team doesn’t want to show their artistic side, they can always order a school spirit shirt from a local shirt printing store. These shirts are often quite similar to those found in your school store, as many local printing companies handle that business flow.

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And there’s always the choice of going to your school spirit store for the clothing you want.

Often, they are able to specially order styles for you as well as adjust the colors or the labeling if you wish.

This can create a unique shirt with your your special desires.

For those that might wish to just outsource the whole school spirit shirt affair… there are a number of online companies involved in that business.

What to Wear

Of course, you have a lot of options when it comes to the school spirit shirt you buy. You can choose from a sweatshirt, a t-shirt, a tanktop, a fleece jacket, etc.

No matter what kind of clothing you want to wear, there is a school spirit option… so take your time.

You can also find matching hats, scarves, and sweatpants to go along with your shirt if you like – for a whole spirit outfit.

With a school spirit shirt, you can show off your pride or school spirit skits in an individual way…

Design your own shirt… make it yourself. Or… buy your favorite design in the store.

Either way, you’re going to be supporting your favorite team and helping everyone get in the spirit.

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