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Yearbook Themes – One For The Money

It is always fun to talk about year book themes. School Yearbooks represent so much more than just a set of pages with a cover.
Inside are pictures of friends, commemorations of special events, remembrances of classes and written wishes for the future.
It would be nice if there were an unlimited budget, but that is seldom the case.
The year book theme is the first step in creating a memory book. The theme should be picked carefully, always keeping in mind budget limitations.
The theme should provide a single unified design. It affects the entire yearbook, including the artwork, design and colors.
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A year book theme should be unique to your school.

Every school class has a story to tell.

There are years of laughter, classes, sports, clubs and tears to record. There are awards and ceremonies and achievement to recognize.
There are friends to remember, teachers to respect and a principal to thank. Year book themes must try to serve all these purposes, which is difficult.

Popular Questions

What do I get with a School Theme?Why is School Spirit Important?What’s the secret to promoting School Spirit?Can I get a free School Theme?Where do I search for more information?Do you have testimonials?How do I order School Themes and the free bonuses?Two common goals of a year book theme are:

Must be broad enough to encompass the year’s activities and narrow enough not to miss your “unique” school features
Must be able to recognize the classes and events that occurred outside your school

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The yearbook is a set of memories. Your year book theme must be able to do honor to those memories in a way that accurately represents the whole school in general and the senior year class in particular if we’re talking about your high school yearbook.

Yearbook Themes – Three To Get Ready

Yearbook themes must be effective in accurately representing the school culture and tradition.
They must “show off” the school year and present in special ways, the many students who contribute to the character of your school.
Choosing among all available year book themes can be difficult. Most schools have a yearbook committee that decides on a theme.
There are three major year book components to consider in the initial stages. The year book theme chosen must be able to:
Work for the desired cover and end sheet optionsBe applied consistently throughout the yearbookBe used in every section

Finding a theme that can be applied to almost any activity in your school is more difficult than it may appear. It requires thought and a good general knowledge of your school’s students and character.

Year book Themes – Four To Go

The key to choosing a good yearbook theme is to pick one that offers an opportunity for creativity. Spinning-off the main theme is how to make the theme usable throughout your yearbook. The theme must be applicable to four school symbols.

For example, if the school mascot were a dog, you would not choose a theme that only involves birds. This seems so obvious, but finding the right year book theme requires an ability to look ahead to the final product.
There are yearbook companies that can assist with choosing the right yearbook theme. Years of experience with yearbook planning means they can offer suggestions and insight into the yearbook creation process. They often have a list of themes used in the past that can be used to generate new ideas.
Each year students look forward to the yearbook coming out. It is a treasure that preserves memories.
One day you, when older, will pull out your yearbook, blow the dust off and say, “Let me tell you about my class theme….”

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