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“How’s Your School Spirit? Could It Use A Boost ?”

“If You Want To See How School Themes Can Help Your School Spirit Soar, You Need To Read This..”

Fellow Educator,

Does it frustrate you that your School Spirit is not quite what it could be?

Why is it that some school’s “spirit” soars so easily, while you try everything possible and get barely any results?

If you’re like most, you’ll have tried every trick in the

From the Desk of

Bob Sheldon
book to increase student/staff unity and school spirit.

You’ve tried things like school dances, fundraisers, Bon-Fires, PTA Rallies, Picnics, Car Washes, Spirit Week Celebrations, Homecoming, and many other ideas. It didn’t seem to matter what tweak you tried, your school spirit stayed stubbornly moderate or low.

But you just knew there was something that was missing.

And I want to share what I have found to be the missing piece.

In the middle of one sleepless late night, a TV advertisement for an Anthony Robbins seminar provided me with the insight. He came out with a statement that was so obvious and we’ve all heard it before. But, its the gem we’ve been missing…

Anthony Robbins said, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression”.

That phrase hit home like a laser fired bullet!

Could it be that we don’t create a good first impression with our students, parents, and even teachers?

I turned my attention to that single aspect of school spirit promotion and continued to investigate…

And I found the answer…

What is it do you think that creates the first impression students get of your school?

It isn’t the cafeteria, gym, library, principal’s office, football field or any of the rest of those places you might think are so vital to feelings of coziness or comfortableness at school.

It’s an element in your school environment which is much more fundamental. And, I have to be honest here, it was something which frankly most teachers neglect.

And I know from my conversations, the vast majority of school administrators overlook this too…

Want to know what I discovered?

If you could have just one documented idea about how to turn your school into an unstoppable school spirit machine, this is it. I dare you to read this entire page and not change the way you promote your school spirit.

“Themes provide a fun, visual way to recognize student and staff achievements. Themes can provide a focus for staff as they develop cross curriculum integrated lessons. This is exactly what we needed!”

If you are … (check which one best applies to you)

A School Principal or Building Leader

A School Teacher

A District Superintendent

A School Counselor

A PTA / PTO member

… You are about to find out the most often overlooked truth about how to create soaring school spirit.

If you’ve ever wondered what is one of the single most important skills in the promotion business that, when mastered, would probably single-handedly account for more inspired students than any other skill, I would tell you, without a doubt

— it’s the ability to select your theme team correctly to lead your school spirit promotions.

That’s because the single most important factor of any school spirit initiative is…. a theme team that inspires and motivates.

Listen closely. You could spend a lot of time getting your “key” staff members to pick fellow teachers and arrange fabulous support and assistance groups. You could have theme presentation competitions and votes thinking you’ve nailed the right theme and are ready to start promoting it like crazy. But all the hoopla in the world isn’t going to do you much good if the theme team you’ve chosen causes your students to find other things to do (within seconds).

And they will if you’ve got it wrong!!

Many principals or administrators focus on relationsips between themselves and other teachers when looking for their team leader. Actually it might be that links among teammates (teachers) matter most.

Find your undisclosed leaders. Bolster their teaming bonds. Sometimes the best leaders are not the best teachers so try to find leaders who have the respect of the team.

It’s a chemistry of victory that will help you build school spirit.

And… you’ll want to recognize, protect and encourage this chemistry !

With the wrong members on your theme team, you’ve lost your chance to create a good first impression!

We all know your school is a little different… you have special school colors… you have special logos… and nicknames or motto’s.

You have a special recognized culture that sets you apart from other schools.

Help the team use your school’s unique qualities. Add the team’s creative juices to a few school theme exercises and WOW, stand back and watch what happens to your school spirit.

In the next few minutes, I’ll show you that by mastering the skill of selecting compelling school themes and your best theme team…

You’ll be ready to achieve a double-digit increase in school spirit and reap immeasurable rewards in student motivation and inspiration efforts.

Here are just a few of the discussion topics our school themes offer:

School Wide Theme Purpose

Theme Creation Strategies (3 of them)

Reward Suggestions

Theme Timing

Theme Benefits

Theme Timing Planning

Theme Kick Off Session

Community Involvement

Classroom Decorating Ideas

Theme T-Shirt Ideas

Staff Incentives

Examples of Academic Relevance

“Through themes, staff can extend academic and “social” lessons as many themes focus on real world learning and character education. Themes focus and unify staff;
create positive building climate;
provide roadmaps for integrated lessons;
can be graphically developed and used on all school communications;
provide opportunities for extended learning. Themes give schools a foundation for building a positive school climate

When you think about choosing a school-theme your thought process goes something like this…

What theme idea did we use last?

Was it good?

Who will pick our new theme and be responsible for promoting it?

Is this more trouble than it’s worth?

What are the benefits of using a school-theme?

We’ve got to figure out theme timing, theme shirts, community involvement, decorating ideas, staff incentives, academic relevance

How’s our budget – what can we afford?

WOW, we’ve got a lot to do… better get started !

If you understand what emotions school themes can trigger for your surrounding community, staff and students, you can make your school spirit much more effective. In other words, you’re giving your school (and students) a far better chance to excel.

Now that you know the right theme team members automatically trigger feelings and emotions in all of us, and that there’s nothing we can do about it, you need to use this to your school’s advantage.

Imagine the leverage you will have if you know the exact Team Leader you can select to give your school, staff and students the most favorable “first impression” of your school environment?

By knowing which team members to choose, you can influence your school environment positively. You can put everyone in a favorable state of mind, one in which they are more likely to achieve education success.

If this is something you’ve never considered before, you’re not alone. The psychological impact of effective team leadership is probably the most overlooked topic in promoting school spirit.

When you think about it, this lack of attention is really strange. Everybody in the business world knows it, the use of effective leaders in sales and marketing is absolutely fundamental. It’s why companies spend millions on product and promotion design.

And yet, when planning school theme ideas, if you’re like most of us, you probably give the thought of selecting the very best theme team a tiny amount of thought.

“The key element is total staff participation…
When you have staff buy in… school themes… become the catalysts that ignite the inspiration fuse. However without the commitment of the entire staff, themes are just …wishes in the wind… Excitement is contagious… effective school wide themes inspire, motivate, and excite staff and students.
School Themes… what a powerful way to manage school spirit!”

It will pay you great dividends to find out how to use School Themes and get your best Theme Team working to make your school spirit soar.

Today, you have the opportunity to do exactly that…

You can get all the valuable information you need about the effective use of School Themes to promote your school spirit.

It’s in my brand new ebook, “School Themes Combo Pack”:

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And you can also change any of your school’s “first impression” visits that have not been performing. (You now know one of the reasons why that might be!)

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